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QSC K-12 Active Loudspeakers

After months of extensive research into offering value as a DJ service, mobile powered speakers, and digital sound, the clear winner was the QSC K-12.


    • The QSC k-12’s are the most reliable speakers available.

Sound Quality

    • “The K-12’s produce the most balanced and natural sound of any PA speaker I have ever heard (powered or not). Professional speakers have a tendency to overemphasize the high-end and upper midrange frequencies. This can cause “ear fatigue”. But not the K-12s! You can particularly note the difference when playing Jazz and Big Band music.”

    • The bass is clean and tight, especially when enabling “deep” mode. No other speakers can match the K-12’s bass response in this mode.


    • QSC K-12’s have an amplitude peak of 131 dB.

    • A jet taking off with an afterburner from 50 ft away only produces 130 dB.

    • Each one of these speakers is louder than a jet.

    • These speakers cover very large venues with plenty of sound to spare!

    • They will shake walls at about 15% volume.


    • The QSC K-12 is praised and ranked #1 in critical reviews on Tech Review sites

    • 88% of all reviews on Amazon are 5/5 stars.

Country of Origin

  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA


When you choose DJs In Reno, you are choosing the best speakers possible.

The loudest, clearest, and most reliable.

Impress your special guests with the best speakers available!

For example, check out our Photo Gallery to see exactly how much fun we have with our clients at Our events!