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How to hire a Wedding DJ That you will LOVE!

Shannon And Ryan

We Get it. You are in LOVE! You are SO EXCITED!

You are happily engaged, booking vendors and a venue for your special day.

And now, you want to hire a Wedding DJ.

But you don’t want just any DJ. Do you?

Of course not! You want to hire a Wedding DJ that you will love, and one who will go above and beyond for you!

You want to hire a DJ that will make your guests rant and rave about your wedding for years to come!

You want to hire a Wedding DJ who will show up early, prepared, and ready to make your big day PERFECT!

You want to hire a DJ that will will make your wedding stress free, memorable, and FUN!

And, you also want a wedding DJ who will charge a fair rate.

After all, the DJ is the one vendor that will completely make or break your ENTIRE wedding!

In other words, you want the BEST DJ POSSIBLE.

You want the DJ who will give you your DREAM WEDDING.

So how do you find this DJ?

Easy! Follow this guide!

1.) Read Reviews

Google Highest Rated Reno DJ


This is the single best piece of information that you have in your quest for the best wedding DJ.

Reviews give real past customers a chance to share their honest experience.

A DJ can’t pay for good reviews (if they do, they will get banned), and they can’t pay to have negative reviews removed.

The only way to rise to the top of the rankings list is to give the best service, time and time again. 

If you look at the reviews for DJs In Reno you will see that we are currently the Highest Rated Reno DJ Service on Google.

DJs In Reno has 210+ Five-Star reviews from previous clients who loved working with us.

These reviews come from all kinds of events; Birthday Parties, Weddings, Holiday Parties.

So, how did DJs In Reno rise through the ranks to claim the top spot as the highest rated Reno DJ Service?

Here are some key things that helped us get there:


    • At DJs In Reno, we always ask what we can do to go above and beyond for each of our clients.

    • We always show up early and prepared.

    • We always take requests.

    • We always play something for each generation, demographic, and group present.

    • We are always grateful for every single gig, big or small.

    • We bring passion and excitement to each event because we are passionate about Music!

Another key point to consider is reviews from various platforms.

Sure, google reviews might be the most convenient, but what about Yelp? What about Wedding Wire?

DJs In Reno has hundreds of cumulative reviews between each of these platforms, and each one is 5 Stars!

We always have a great time with our clients at t their events. See for yourself!

2.) Compare Prices of each DJ

Price Tag

Ah yes. Pricing!

Have you ever heard the expression: You get what you pay for?

This expression is usually true.

You want to pay a fair amount, but you also don’t want to get ripped off.

So how much is fair?

Well, let’s answer that question in the context of hiring a professional DJ for a wedding.

Keep in mind that the type of event that you are looking to hire a DJ for will affect the hourly rate.

For an  8 hour Ceremony and Reception, you can expect to pay around $300 / hr. So, for an 8 hour Ceremony + Reception, that would be around $2,400 of performance time.

Why do I say “around?”

Because every gig is different.

Every couple has unique musical tastes or special requests.

Each song must be purchased, downloaded, organized, and backed up, on multiple devices.

Each name on the bridal party rehearsed, each piece of DJ equipment loaded, set up, tore down, and unloaded.

That’s quite a bit of work!

Not to mention, the time spent on email correspondence, phone calls, interviews, etc.

Each DJ is going to charge a different rate for this work that occurs before and after each event.

But the single biggest factor that will influence is packages / equipment included.

This is one thing that many couples don’t consider when hiring their DJ.

But, it’s one of the most important questions to ask before you sign a contract.

What equipment is included in your DJ’s quote?

Does your DJ provide Microphones? Are they Wireless?

What about a lapel microphone for the officiant?

This is a very important detail because you want your officiant to be able to read their script hands free.

You also don’t want a big microphone stand in the middle of your Ceremony!

Does your DJ provide lights? What kind? How many?

Will your DJ also be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your event? Or do they expect you to pay more for this?

Does your DJ own their equipment or do they have to rent?

What about backup equipment?

Things always change last minute, and even the most reliable computer will fail. The only way to prepare for this is to have and use backups!

Does your DJ use brand name equipment? (We always use the absolute highest quality brand name equipment and gear! You can read more about it: Here)

If they do, they might charge a bit more.

Does your DJ offer Karaoke packages? (We do!)

What about Gratuity?

Is gratuity baked in to the DJ’s price, or do they expect you to take care of this after the event?

Driving time is another factor that will influence price.

Some DJs bake the cost of travel into their quote, some charge by the mile. Whatever your DJ’s method of factoring in driving time, make sure you discuss it with them in advance!

Experience can be another factor that will influence a DJ’s rates.

A DJ with more experience will generally charge more, and this is understandable.

DJs In Reno has ben a preferred Reno DJ Service for 8 years, and we only use the highest quality brand name equipment.

DJs in Reno has experience working at Twenty Mile House, as their in house DJ! Twenty Mile House is one of the biggest corporate wedding venues on the west coast.

Weddings at Twenty Mile House start at $40,000…

The only reason that we bring that up is to note the fact that they don’t hire just anybody, and they hired us!

We charge a fair rate for that experience. We ask for a rate that is fair for us, and for our clients. That experience allows us to guarantee that our guests will have an awesome time with us at our events!

We also always use backup equipment for each critical system!

We have heard horror stories of other companies charging way too much for a ceremony and reception.

What are you paying for when you spend that much on a DJ for your wedding? A brand name?

Do some research, collect some quotes. Don’t get ripped off!

3.) Interview Each Potential Wedding DJ (in person)

DJ Jon Reno Prom

So at this point, you have found some potential DJs who could be a good fit.

Now what?

Now, you should try and meet with each DJ and see how the meeting goes.

You’ve got a few options. You could do a traditional phone call, or a zoom meeting, or in person.

So, which one should you choose?

In Person.

In Person meetings are always best.


Because you will be able to get the most accurate feeling from meeting each potential DJ in person.

Here are some questions that you should ask each DJ.

    • How many weddings have you completed?

    • Do you take requests?

    • Do you have backup equipment?

    • What equipment / packages does your quote include?

    • How many hours before guest arrival do you do sound check?

    • Would it be all right if I contact some of your previous clients?

    • Are you comfortable with my preferred Genres, Decades, Artists?

Take note on how each DJ responds to each question.

Here are some questions to consider during your meeting with potential DJs.

    • Do they seem excited about my wedding?

    • Do they seem generally interested in my unique desires?

    • Do they seem like they are going to go above and beyond for me?

    • Are they asking questions about me, my fiancé, and my event, or are they talking themselves up?

    • Were they on time for the meeting?

    • Are they trying to rush me into signing a contract?

Pay attention to how you feel during and your meeting, because your feelings are critical for the last step!

4.) Go with your gut!

Reno DJ First Kiss

This is the most important factor when hiring a wedding DJ that you will love.


Because at the end of the day, a price point, included packages, or reviews can only tell you so much.

Your gut instinct is there for a reason.

It can tell you things that the other factors can’t.

You can’t fake a gut instinct, and you can’t deny it either.

At this point in the process, you should pay attention to the DJ who made you feel the best.

Usually, you will know right from the very beginning.

It is important to discuss this with your Fiancé, but your gut feelings should be the same!

If a DJ is willing to go above and beyond for you, you will be able to tell.

If they are actually excited about your event, it will be clear.

You will also be able to tell if this is a passion, or another “side gig” for them.

Generally, one of the best indicators of how a DJ will make you feel is their level of experience.

A DJ with more experience will have the answers to your questions ready, will be more calm, confident, etc.

Another key question to ask is: How long does it take for each potential DJ to respond?

Indifferent and apathetic DJs might take a week or more to respond to emails, texts or calls.

DJs who care about their clients respond within 24 hours!

DJs In Reno always responds as soon as possible.


In conclusion, there are many factors when hiring a wedding DJ that you will love.

It’s important to consider each one before making a choice.

At the end of the day, there is no one size fits all formula for hiring a wedding DJ that you will love.

You will have to do some research, read some reviews, make some calls, and schedule some meetings.

You will also have to compare some prices!

This is one of the most important steps because it keeps everyone fair and honest. Chances are, a DJ will lower their prices if they know that you are getting several quotes!

Don’t be afraid to spend around $200 / hour for an experienced, competent, and passionate DJ. But, don’t get ripped off, either!

The most important factor is your gut instinct.

You can’t fake it or deny it. It doesn’t operate on a quantifiable variable like average review rating. Or number of reviews for that matter.

You can’t always explain it, yet it is the most valuable tool you have when hiring a Wedding DJ that you will love!